• If I could leave 10 stars I would. He led me to the path of recovery.
    Steven Nakano saved my life! If I could leave 10 stars I would. He is truly the last of the Mohicans when it comes to a defense attorney in Santa Clara county. He is the kindest, most honest attorney I've ever met in my entire life. I came to Mr. Nakano after being cheated out of a lot of money by another attorney who had no real interest in helping me with my case. From the moment I walked into his office, he treated me with compassion and care. He was brutally honest with me and went out of his way to explain all of my options. Upon taking my case, he introduced me to his team of professionals and promised he would do whatever he could to help. I was a bit skeptical at first but quickly learned Mr. Nakano was as genuine as they come. Whenever making court appearances, all of the judges and district attorneys knew him very well. He relentlessly fought for me and his level of professionalism was impeccable. My original offer from the district attorney's office was 9 years in a CA state penitentiary while being represented by my previous attorney. I listened to Mr. Nakano and did everything he suggested. We continued going to court over the course of a year. He gave me hope, told me to stay positive, and have faith. He led me to the path of recovery and showed the courts that I had simply made some bad choices and deserved a second chance. He truly saved my life. I served 90 days in county jail VS the 9-year sentence they originally wanted to give me in State Prison. I can't emphasize how amazing of a person Steve is. Not just a great attorney, a great human being! I can go on and on and on in detail of how amazing he is. I will always be grateful to him and his practice and highly refer anyone looking for a good defense attorney to go talk to him. You will not regret it.

    - Dan B.

  • Steve went out of his way to help my son far beyond the courtroom.

    Steve is an excellent attorney and an amazing person. My son had a minor case that another lawyer was supposed to be handling. Because of a mishap by the other attorney there was a warrant issued. A friend recommended I contact Steve. The case was a breeze for Steve and the end result was charges dismissed.

    The amazing part of this story isn't about the obviously positive results. Steve went out of his way to help my son far beyond the courtroom. He has a solid tool chest of life experiences and was able to connect with my son, provide guidance where I couldn't, and as s result became somewhat of a mentor. I have learned more about Steve since then and now know that our interaction was not at all unusual- it was par for the course with Steve. He has a passion for helping people. That passion coupled with his strong legal background makes him an amazing attorney to have in your corner.

    - Tim O.

  • Steve is honest, forthright, and worked with dedication on my behalf.
    Steven Nakano is an exceptionally experienced attorney who navigates legal challenges with expertise and professionalism. From the time I first met him, Steve has skillfully handled my case and been available to walk me through the process each step of the way. Steve is honest, forthright, and worked with dedication on my behalf. One attribute that makes Steve stand out from other attorneys is that he has always seen me as a person, not just a case. This type of respect has made an impact on my life that will last far beyond the legal case. I have observed Steve interact with other clients and can attest to the fact that he is committed to the best outcome for each person. Becoming a part of the recovery community has changed my life, and Steve has been instrumental in my discovery of a purposeful journey.

    - Sean M.

  • He came through for me big time. He was able to see in me something I couldn't see for myself.
    I'm going to share my story in hopes that my story will shed some light as to who Steven Nakano is to me and my family. In my younger years I made some really bad choices and was arrested. I had heard his name before and had heard it through the jail system that Mr. Nakano was a good attorney. So I had an interview with him and even though I wanted to hire him he felt and had explained to my loved ones that he would not be taking my case furthermore the public defender I had was doing a good job and had a good offer on the table for me to seriously take the time they were offering me. He said if he felt he could do better he would take the case. For me this was a big difference in attorneys. What I was used to was attorney always saying one thing and asking for all the money upfront but doing another once the money was paid. So right from the beginning he had earned some" brownie points ". So the next time I decided to make poor choices and was arrested. And was looking at a violation of probation hearing. I called upon Mr. Nakano Sure enough he came through for me big time. He was able to convince the judge and the district attorney and my probation officer from sending me to prison and that I would do good in a program. You tell me if my sentence wasn't a set-up or not. I received a 7-year prison suspended sentence and had a 5 year probation period (when normally it's 3) one year of Amicus house one-year parenting without violence classes, one year of anger management classes, one year of domestic violence classes. This was the deal that my last lawyer and the public defender had worked up for me. so on my first probation violation I call on Mr. Nakano and sure enough he worked some magic and was able to see in me something I couldn't see for myself. And thanks to him I didn't get the 7 years and I completed all the judge's requests and was able to successfully complete my probation and move forward with my life. My life isn't perfect but its a whole lot better then what it could have been. And I owe it to this man Mr. Nakano. Thank you once again. My family thanks you a million. And words cannot express how thankful I am... Your more than my attorney you are a friend indeed. Someone I look up to and respect dearly.

    - Google Review

  • You can't put a price on having peace of mind when you need it most.
    Steven Nakano is the kind of lawyer you want to be in your corner when you are going through a case in the court system. He was very knowledgeable of all court expectations and procedures to help us get a favorable outcome. He went out of his way to schedule additional court dates to address my medical issues with the court. He was very informative about all our options to help us make the right decisions on how to proceed. Going through this kind of event in one's life is very stressful but having a trustworthy lawyer like Steven Nakano to help and support us with all our needs made everything so much easier. You can't put a price on having peace of mind when you need it most... Thank you Steven.

    - Jake M.

  • He is the superstar of the courtroom.
    I've been using Mr. Nakano since 1999; 20+ years.

    He's the best criminal attorney to use in Santa Clara county bar none. If you have a criminal issue in Santa Clara County, you would be insane not to at least give him a call. He's been in business in San Jose forever and all the judges know him by name and seem happy to see him. He is the superstar of the courtroom.

    He's a genius and thinks outside of the box. He can think of ways to approach cases that your typical "take the deal" attorneys never dream of. He is very compassionate and seems to thrive on helping others. He even helped start a drug treatment facility for a client like myself that were dealing with addictions. He was also the main article on the front page of the San Jose Mercury Newspaper for taking down a corrupt attorney general.

    Personally, he's helped me out of a lot of sticky situations. He was able to get the judge to accept my time in a SLE as my DUI classes. He got my 18-month prison sentence offer reduced to just about time served with release to a treatment facility. Real help. He also helped me get another case dropped.

    Every time I visit him he has a calming effect on me and I also leave more confident knowing I have the best man for the job.

    He's a real superstar and Zen master.

    For all your criminal needs, do yourself a favor and schedule a meeting with him now.

    - Hugo K.

  • Steve has a big heart and a wealth of experience.
    One of a kind! I can confidently say there are very few people like Steve in the world, let alone in the legal world. I had the opportunity to consult with Steve on my case today and was thoroughly impressed by his character, zen demeanor and simply put, kindness. Although I did not need to retain Steve for counsel at this point, if I ever needed a lawyer or my friends/family did, I would go with Steve in a second. Steve is genuine and provided solid advice and demonstrated empathy around my situation. He also encouraged me to seek to understand behaviors and the root of what really caused the circumstances. Steve has a big heart and a wealth of experience. If you ever have a case, just call Steve. I’m confident you won’t regret it and you’ll likely get some great stories and wisdom along the way. Thank you Steve! Keep up the strong work, you are one of a kind!

    - Avvo User

  • He went above and beyond to get my issue resolved ASAP and get me back to work.
    Steven is by far one of the best lawyers I have had. Not only was he completely professional with the handling of my case with the DMV, but he went above and beyond to get my issue resolved asap and get me back to work. If you are in need of an attorney it is worth your time to call Steven and see how he can help you as well.

    - James S.