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What Are the Penalties for Burglary in California?

A burglary conviction can prove devastating, particularly if the convicted individual already possesses a criminal history. At minimum, a conviction will result in large fines. Jail time is common, with those accused of burglary often spending several months or even years behind bars. Community service hours may also be required, either as an alternative or in addition to jail time.

In addition to the official legal consequences of burglary, the felony conviction can also have a negative impact on other aspects of the charged individual’s life. Although employers are technically not supposed to discriminate based on criminal history unless the specific crime is directly related to the job, many are less than enthusiastic about hiring those with criminal records. Likewise, finding decent housing can be difficult after the prospective tenant has been accused of burglary. The best way to prevent these unfortunate consequences is to have the burglary case dismissed, or, if this is not possible, to have the severity of the case reduced to misdemeanor level.

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Steven H. Nakano, Attorney at Law Burglary Legal Counsel

The ideal San Jose burglary lawyer will take a proactive approach to your case, working tirelessly to ensure that a satisfactory resolution is achieved. This legal advocate will also respect your wishes, whether that means fighting for a lesser charge or proving that you are not guilty of the crime for which you have been accused.

No matter your favored approach, Steven H. Nakano, Attorney at Law is equipped with the knowledge and legal resources necessary to successfully resolve your burglary case. He is proud to offer his clients a compassionate, non-judgmental approach to legal representation, ensuring that those accused of burglary feel respected at all times. Clients already suffer the burden of undue judgment from friends, family members and acquaintances — the last thing they need is a lawyer that is not one hundred percent on their side.

If you have been accused of committing burglary, it is important to seek the assistance of a qualified legal advocate. Do not hesitate to look to Steven H. Nakano, Attorney at Law as a source of reliable representation during this difficult time.

Do not wait to call us today at (844) 983-3011 to learn about your legal options.

  • 22 Felony Fraud Counts Dismissed at Preliminary Examination
  • Armed Robbery Life Sentence Overturned
  • Burglary Dismissed
  • Burglary/Theft Dismissed
  • Car Jacking & Auto Theft Sentence Reduced
  • Child Molestation Dismissal
  • Drug Crime Dismissed
  • DUI Strike Conviction
  • Gang-Related Assault Dismissal
  • Gross Vehicular Manslaughter Not Guilty

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