Burglary/Theft Charges Dismissed at Preliminary Examination

In a case in which my client was charged with having stolen a prototype instrument made by Kwiklok Corporation, I called the actual thief as a witness to a preliminary examination hearing under the pretense that I needed him to testify as a friend of my client and because he had the cleaning contract with Kwiklok and had access to the building at night. I told him that I needed to establish how secure the building was at night and that he needed a pass key at multiple places within the complex. Once I established how difficult it would be for anybody to gain access to the building unless they had a pass key and access code. I asked how he knew my client and how my client had done some work for him on his car, which was a mustard colored Datsun (Nissan) 280 Z and that he could not afford to pay my client and so he gave my client the prototype instrument in payment for the work my client had done.