Zen Questions & Answers

Zen Questions & Answers

What is Spirituality?

Zen answer: Anything that lifts your spirits.

What is the opposite of Spirituality?

Zen answer: Suffering and Addiction.

What is Addiction?

Zen answer: It is obsession with seduction?

What then is Seduction?

Zen answer: Seduction is being attracted to something that you know is bad for you.

How do you know if you are an addict?

Zen answer: If you are impatient and you procrastinate at the same time. These character defects should not exist at the same time. If they coexist in you, then, very likely you are an addict.

How do I stop being an addict?

Zen answer: Become an enlightened being.

How do I become an enlightened being?

Zen answer: Begin a spiritual path and practice every day.

How do I begin?

Zen answer: You have already begun. Now, act upon your intentions.

What should I practice?

Zen answer: Letting go.

Letting go of what?

Zen answer: Everything that is negative and anything that is unnecessary.

Is letting go always so difficult?

Zen answer: Yes. It becomes easier with practice.

Is there anything that I should hold onto?

Zen answer: Joy.

What about love?

Zen answer: Sure, love too.

Which is greater?

Zen answer: Joy.

Why is joy greater than love?

Zen answer: Only joy can overcome suffering.

Can love overcome suffering?

Zen answer: Yes, but love is often intertwined with suffering. Suffering cannot exist in the same moment as Joy.

Wow, I think I understand.

Zen answer: (Smile).